Should you give your cat a bath?

Cats famously hate water. But occasionally, there’s no alternative to a quick dip to get your moggy clean or to treat a skin condition.

So how do you spare your feline’s feelings while also ensuring it’s in tip-top condition?

Bathing a cat is unlikely to be a fun or easy job, but it’s sometimes an essential part of caring for your kitty, along with choosing the right pet insurance. Read on for our quick how-to guide.

When might my cat need a bath?
Unlike their canine rivals, cats only need baths in exceptional circumstances. Most of the time, they’re only too happy to spend hours on their immaculate grooming routine.

But while your cat can clean off a fair amount of dust and dirt through self-grooming, that may not be sufficient if it’s rolled around in something sticky.

If your cat is long haired and has got something matted into its fur, then it’s definitely time for you to roll up your sleeves and prepare for bath time.

And sometimes, you might need to bathe your cat with medicated or anti-fungal shampoo to treat conditions such as fleas, bacterial skin conditions, or ringworm.

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